I really like to act out. I’ve loved to make people laugh and make myself the center of attention ever since I was a kid. Plus, I often have all of the feels, so it’s nice to have a place to put them — right there on the stage for everyone to see.


Wendy Placko has been involved in theater since her youth, taking part in many sides of the production. She has worked on scenic design and building, prop and stage management, play and screenwriting, as well as performance onstage and in the pit orchestra. Wendy enjoys the interdisciplinary aspects of production, which led her to earning her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts (with emphases in Visual Art and Theater) and German from St. Olaf College in 2006. Wendy lives in Northfield, Minnesota with her husband, Kevin, and companion rabbit, Annabell, all of whom have a mutual respect for good cilantro.


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The Rocky Horror Show, 2016
Crimes of the Heart, 2016
Winter Wonderettes, 2015
NINE, 2015


Having focused primarily on production in college, I have shifted back towards performance in recent years, developing her skills in acting, singing and dancing in productions throughout southern Minnesota. New relationships with other creative artists and performers have inspired me to try directing, starring in and producing a web series called Lady Parts, currently in production.



I enjoy comedic productions and have the improvisational skills necessary for a successful comedy.


I have aptitude in language and dialects: I studied the German language intensively during my college years, and have an ear for picking up accents. In past productions, I have delivered performances in Irish, standard British, cockney British, German, American Southern and New York accents.

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