Heeeeeeeere’s Wendy!

Hey everyone. I am Wendy Placko, I live and work in Northfield, Minnesota, and I’m just trying to be a person. When I’m not acting or filmmaking, you might find me at work making websites or at home petting my companion rabbit.

drama masks

I act real good.

When I'm not at work, I'm probably method acting all over your ass. Every day with me is a gift, because I'm always bringing stage presence.

I pretend


I haz blog.

I really like making art, and sometimes it even makes me think. So I wrote it all down so you could read about it.

I write


I haz day job.

Hey, did you know it's a good idea to have a marketable skill? I did! So that's why I know how to code HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and more.

I code

Find me!

It's okay to be a digital creeper. You can even give me a shout-out over email if that's your thing.