Oh good, another writer. I bet she'll have something interesting to say.

Look, I understand the market is absolutely saturated with blogs, but I can tell you are just dying to see which of my thoughtsicles are melting in the hot summer sun.

Down to Business

With Birch, Anne and Andi having agreed to come along on this ride, I decided we needed to have a kickoff meeting, similar to what I do when starting a new web project at work.

I decided to invite them over for brunch to celebrate the launch of the project and discuss the vision, characters and ideas. With Anne being gluten-free and my vegan diet, I think I put some undue pressure on myself there, but whether they liked the food or not, we got some great work done at that first meeting.

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Big Magic

When Andi and I first met about doing the web series, she gave me some recommended reading, “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. Kevin’s reaction was, “You mean that Eat Pray Love lady?” and Andi replied that it was an interesting exploration of creativity.

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Getting to Work

Let’s talk about the idea for the web series. It didn’t come all at once, but rather a sort of slow realization, like falling in love or that dream where you’ve been speaking in front of a crowd and slowly piece together from their reactions that you are not wearing pants.

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Starting From Nowhere

This has been a long time coming.

Here I am, living in the middle of nowhere, dreaming big about filmmaking. I hesitate to say I dream about “becoming a filmmaker,” because that sounds like achieving success, and I have no idea if this venture will be successful. So let’s stay away from that labeling for now.

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