The Waiting Game

We really lucked out getting our main shoot done a few weeks ago, because we wouldn’t be able to do anything like that now.

Things I completely took for granted a few weeks ago are not possible right now in lockdown from COVID-19. Here is a list of filmmaker activities that we had the freedom to do then:

  • Gather in a group (we had 12 people and a dog)
  • Touch plates, glasses and food
  • Pass a bottle of wine around
  • Show our faces to each other
  • No need to disinfect surfaces before and after shooting
  • No need to tally a list in your head of all the people you have come into contact with should a case arise
  • Use someone’s home for a shoot with many people

We got all of the scenes with multiple people in them done in one night in early March, and who knows when we would be able to do that now. We have several more shots to do with just one character, but I don’t know when it will be safe to even do that.

I had planned for a shot on public transportation, and that is completely out of the question now. I think at this point it is a waiting game to see what I can do moving forward.

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