Sometimes I make short films. Since I began working in tech, I have realized that I like to tinker, work with a team and figure things out. That comes in handy when you make films.

Lady Parts

In early 2016, I recruited a great team of talented actresses and began production on a web series called Lady Parts. The goal of the series is to take on the subject matter of relationships between women: social situations, friendships, competition, belonging, alienation and more. Characters engage in these topics with a feminist approach, all in a comedic and satirical tone.

Collaborative Writing Process

I meet regularly with cast members to brainstorm episode topics. The group outlines the events of the episode and ultimate conclusion, and then I go off and write, creating episode drafts and improving with revisions and table reads.

Production Details

We are shooting the series guerilla-style on a limited budget and whatever equipment our contacts will let us borrow. Friends and family pitch in on crew when needed, and actors help film when their characters are not present in a scene.

Watch Episodes

The first six-episode season is available for streaming now on YouTube. The season premiered in May/June of 2017 and was shown at a public event as part of a SEMAC capstone project.


Lady Parts was nominated for Best Comedy at the 2017 Minnesota WebFest. Read more press:

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